Live Free (Shippensburg, PA: Destiny Image Publishers, 2013)

The book is subtitled–Discover the Keys to Living in God’s Presence 24/7.

This book has had a great impact on me.  Here are a few excerpts:

“We may believe the biblical truth of forgiveness in principle, but if we struggle with any measure of toxic emotions or stress, from minor worries to deep-seated bitterness, we have not learned how to forgive others, nor have we truly learned how to receive forgiveness from God for ourselves.”


“Forgiveness is not an action of our mind, emotions, or will alone, although these faculties are involved. The reality of true forgiveness is this: forgiveness is a Person. It is an encounter with Someone, a supernatural exchange taking place: Christ Himself for our sin and pain. We cannot forgive in our own power, as hard as we may try. Christ is He who forgives through us. We do not extend forgiveness by ourselves, from ourselves.”


“Christ the forgiver, who lives inside of us, does all the work.”


“. . . what we are doing is canceling the debt that was committed against us. We are ceasing to sit in the place of judgment and releasing them to God.”


“. . . forgiveness not only cancels the debt against us, but it frees us through the process as well. When we let Christ forgive through us, we are allowing freedom into our own lives so we will not be poisoned. We are releasing others so that God can work in their lives as well.”


All of us need to forgive someone for something.  Jesus gives us the power to do it.  But the way to forgive, and the benefit it brings to us when we do, is explained clearly in this book.

I highly recommend Live Free.


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